Video Course Details In this course you will... aim for the RIGHT keywords, build MORE and BETTER QUALITY inbound links than your competition, optimize the website in the BEST possible way for search engine bots and the chosen keywords. This is where 'Search Engine Optimization For Newbies'. Search Engine Optimization For Newbies which features 10 well presented videos, all packed with useful information that will future-proof you and your empire of websites for years to come. You will benefit from the course highly organized lessons and you will gain the upper hand that you are looking for. So What's In These Videos That Will Shoot My Websites To The Top Of The Search Engines? This video series is packed with quick shortcuts that will save you time, with high quality and detailed methods that you'll be able to use for years to come. Included Videos  What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? - 03:40 Describes SEO as a whole and it will allow you to see this entire business within a new light and scope. Being the introduction chapter you will be presented with what is ahead.   Understanding How The Search Engines Work - 04:33 This is where the real meat begins to be chewed. You will undergo a crash course in how search engines work, and how your websites get into their databases.   Top Search Engine Optimization Myths - 04:23 This chapter will show you several myths. You'll be able to sift the facts from fiction and learn some of the biggest SEO myths.   5 Steps To Improve Your Website Search Engine Optimization - 07:34 Take all the knowledge gathered so far and put it into practice. This is the chapter that teaches you how to effectively conduct the SEO process to improve your websites ranking, or SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)   How To Get Listed On Google And Other Search Engines In Just A Few Days! - 03:06 Will give you insight into ways you can get listed into Google or other search engines within a few days. It's easy with these few methods and they are all White Hat methods, meaning they follow guidelines. Of course this means getting listed, but not on the top page.   An Overview Of Free Web Site Submission To Search Engines - 04:37 This will shed some light on how submitting your site to many search engines is beneficial, but of course is not the way to get your site to the top of the results.   How To Boost Your SERPS In Google And Ranking In Other Search Engines - 02:41 You will learn about SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Position) and how you can raise your SERP. Given that there are so many techniques available, you will learn how to focus your energy on the most effective ones.   Understanding What Pagerank Is - 05:26 Of course PageRank is used mainly by Google as a measurement tool for ranking web pages. The concept of Page Rank is explained and you will learn what it means, what I can do and what it can’t. You will also be shown where you can check your pagerank or other site's pageranks.   Understanding Keywords and Keyword Strategy in Search Engines - 05:54 Keywords are highly important in the world of Search Engines. You will learn why they are important to Search engines and most importantly, you will be shown what tools are out there to help you dig out good keywords and measure your keyword density for free.   5 Free Ways to get Search Engine Traffic - 02:55 In this video, you will be shown 5 methods that will highlight systems you can put into place that will begin to drive targeted traffic to your website. If you are an absolute beginner in SEO, you are actually at an advantage as you don�t have the misconceptions and prejudice that webmasters commonly have about SEO.   So...with that said, don't walk, but run. Grab this now and start dominating the search engines and generating free traffic to your websites that will bring you leads, and sales for many many years to come! Take your business to the next level of success! Video Demo For Resellers  Includes Sales Page - Yes  Includes Download Page - Yes  Other Included Pages - None  Notable Reseller Extras - None   Distribution Rights  Resale Rights - Yes  Master Resale Rights - Yes  Private Label Rights - No  Giveaway Rights - No  Offered as a Bonus - Yes  Full Product Copyrights - No  Full Graphic Copyrights - No  May Modify Videos - Yes  Packaged with Other Products - Yes  Added to Paid Membership Websites - Yes  Added to Free Membership Websites - No  May Publish Offline - Yes  May Sell on Auction Websites - Yes DEMO